"When Time and Price square, Change is bound to happen"

W.D Gann




A few words to begin


Those who believe that Financial astrology will enable them to become rich quickly will be disappointed, this demanding discipline, being consistent with itself, promises success only to those whose chart has such signatures. And even when that is the case, there are favorable seasons and others that are not in a man’s life.

This being said, Financial Astrology will offer everyone a fertile domain for the exploration of universal laws, through careful search for correlations between planetary cycles and economic and financial events. It is only this detailed, careful and demanding research, which is rarely published in astrological literature, which will reveal these laws. Financial astrology suffers from a short history in terms of statistical series and those who have been painstakingly doing that work have been very reluctant to publish it or sometimes selling it at prohibitive tariffs.

This site is intended for those who want to learn about this emerging branch of astrology. It consists of several parts, including:

The Basics of astrology are recalled and differences with traditional astrology are highlighted. Simply put financial astrology can and must constantly put its theories to the test of facts and can constantly rely on the reality of progress to validate its understanding, unlike more psychological branches pf astrology, where proving it is more difficult.

Some Articles will be proposed, and those who wish to join the project and contribute, in their own name, are welcome.

A study of Crashes is published, the analysis of past events and is a great way to study essential . This part will grow over time.

A number of theories and proposals have been put forward since the beginnings of this discipline, section Tests proposes to put them to the test.

Sources section will review the sources of information, astronomical, economic and financial, mainly on the Web.

Section Books examines the major authors in this field, where possible with a book review note. If someone wants to propose a note he is welcome, under his name or pseudonym.

Downloads section offers some useful files, ephemeris or Excel spreadsheets .

Finally, a Forum has been created which will gather anyone interested in the subject. It includes both a French and an English speaking part.


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